About us

“AR provides overseas students with three-dimensional services and support for landing, accommodation, living, learning, security, network improvement, internship and employment, entrepreneurship and other business.”

Who we are

AR International Group was established in 2015 and is headquartered in South Australia, Australia. It has branches in China, the United States and the United Kingdom. Its services cover Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, Singapore and New Zealand.

What we do

AR has a large number of radiation countries, covering all accommodation bases and establishing cooperation with several HR companies. It has a large consulting team involving education, lawyers, accountants, government staff at all levels, executives of top 500 companies, Nobel Prize winners in various fields and winners of other awards.

Our purpose

AR's purpose of serving international students is supported and recognized by leading institutions at all levels of domestic education, culture and business, and it has achieved comprehensive cooperation with the federal governments and state governments of radiation countries.

AR has built the overall overseas study promotion plan and weekly promotion activity system for overseas students, the whole-process learning guidance and supervision, 24-hour safety and medical treatment guarantee system and the career planning since the first day of studying abroad.

Our target

AR International Group is recognized by Chinese and foreign embassies and consulates, and links with the students' union of famous universities to escort students to study abroad, grow up and become useful social members.
AR International Group's domestic branch - Aorui Education authoritative analysis, language training and application for overseas students and parents. Meanwhile, it also provides high-quality resource and support for students and their parents to invest, immigrate and purchase houses, and VIP access for outstanding overseas students to find jobs and start businesses when they return to China.

The comprehensive service system of pre-mid and post-overseas-study has been recognized and supported by the majority of overseas students, parents and governments of various countries. Its high-quality VIP students and the network of their parents and friends have become a strong resource and endorsement of these students, and they have been praised by parents as overseas Changjiang Business School.
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